Ready & Able –


The couple featured in this weeks update has so much chemistry that we aren’t sure where to start! They were immediately attracted to each other as soon as Chad entered the room. Arriving from work dressed in office attire, both Chad and Steve noticed their eyes immediately. Soon, the clothes began to fall off, as well as their tongues. Chad pulls SteveA’s pants up and SteveA’s stomach is rock solid against Chad’s. His boxer shorts are unable to control the tip. They each stand straight up, with the head looking upwards to ChadA and waiting for ChadA to speak. They then get back to sucking before sitting down and getting ready for the main event. It is obvious that they are in love. We can see why over-30 men do the best when Steve turns around to sit on ChadAs porn penis. Chad places Steve behind his back and then he pulls out the camera and takes a shot all over SteveA. Steve is almost out of breath when he releases his entire load on ChadA’s chest.

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