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You can see why Baby BlueA is nicknamed A’Baby BlueA. Baby Blue is quite the personality. Baby Blue is 22 years old, 5A’10 and carries a whopping 8A’ cock in his pants. His personality is outgoing and energetic with great humor. HeA is the type of man that will make every party A partyA’. HeA is an exhibitionist and voyeur. HeA’s not afraid to experiment with new ideas and doesnA’t hesitate to talk about things that are important. He had an acquaintance pick him up from a bar last week because he was so tanked. He was able to nail his Designated Driver for two hours in the bathroom of a friend. He was actually drunk. He was drunk! A hangover and a broken towel rack later. He’s a very horny guy and likes to get jacked off wherever he goes. He dreams of being with thirty virgins. He smiles and nods. HeA’s A’TroubleA’! HeA’s a ‘TroubleA!’, heA says. Girls love his blue eyes and pearly white teeth. Although he loves his eyes, he says that he prefers him as a person. He is a great person. But we like him even more when he gets A’nekidA. Baby Blue rubs his cock and strokes it, while also exploring his beautiful torso. To reveal the smooth and defined slices of heaven, he takes off his shirt. He has small, pierced cinnamon nips and light hair. He has smooth abs. His navel is where his happy, sexy trail takes him to greater and better things. His tattoos are on his arms and his crotch, which heA’s pulling on is bulging before your eyes. His jeans are undone and his cock can be clearly seen through the thin pants. ItA is throbbing, and it needs attention. Before he moons the camera, he pulls on his boxers and shows off his intricate ink. He repeatedly flashes his sweet ass to us before slowly working on our smooth holes. He has a bubble butt that is incredible. As he bends down, you can see his large low-hangers, and throbbing, cock. As the camera closes in on him, his cock is already leaking. His cock is not only adorable with its baby-blue eyes and cute baby-face, but it’s also very intelligent. His nuts look almost like two Grade A Large eggs, dangling from their own smooth bag. His cock looks impressive at full mast and is so strong he could even chisel it. As he rinses his cock, he moans. He can’t stop squeezing his cock dry. As he begins to finger himself, he flips on his stomach. He has ink all over his back. Baby Blue is a master at getting you all hot and tired. He sits down and continues to jerk, showing his lean physique. He lies down and continues to go for it. As he nears the climax, his face is stunning. His thick, beautiful eyebrows show off his baby blues furl. As his full, pouty lips parte, youA’ll be astonished at his lust-driven expression. “Oh, yeah! IA’m going to cum…ready?” Awwww Shhhi–He explodes! His happy trail is now covered in thick geysers. HeA’s almost done, but more geysers soon follow. Whew. As he lies down, he rubs his weight all over his navel. Okay, I’m going to need a cigarette. Wait! I donA’t even smoke!

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