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Mason Coxx will be back with us again this week. Mason will be helping to welcome Mr. Aaron Felix into the EBD Club. Aaron, a 20-year old baby from California who is now living in South Florida for a few months, is adorable. Mason is originally from Connecticut. It was interesting to see how healthy these fit girls were. Aaron consumes small amounts of food daily and prefers to eat organic. Mason considers himself a pesceterian. He eats only seafood, along with vegetables and dairy. He doesn’t eat any red meat. Then, we wondered what happened to their cherries. Aaron’s was lost at 16, when he decided with the boy he was seeing to move on to the next stage. Mason lost his at 11. The lurid details were too much for Mason. We asked the pair what award they thought would be given at the Sexual Grammys. Aaron said he would be the Best Top winner, while Mason would take home Best Cocksucker. Let’s find out what made these boys eligible for the award. Let’s see… Aaron comes in, ready to go when Mason informs him to iron his jeans. Mason offered to help Aaron and took off AaronAs pants. Aaron does not know how to iron. He realizes that AaronAs shorts are bulging. Iron! …What iron? Mason grabs AaronA’s thick, cocky sock and wraps it around his lips. You like my dick? Aaron sighs while he has his cock idolized. Mason cannot get enough of the delicious cock, and he eats it whole. Aaron laughs while Mason gulps down his enormous tool. HeA’s stunned, but we donAt know what it is. We do know that heA won the Grammy for cock sucking. As he strokes the smooth skin of AaronAs, he tugs at it. Aaron’s skin is smooth and well-defined. Mason is patient and takes time to please Aaron, as he finishes his cock. Mason stands up and places his thicker cock in AaronAs face. Aaron takes the cock and strokes it, before looking up at Mason to tease him. Aaron: You are such a good dick Mason says, before Mason takes Mason to his feet and they rub their cocks together. As they get ready for more, their massive cocks rub against one another. Mason then puts his arms on Mason’s back and reaches in to grab the cock. As MasonA’s hole opens, Aaron begins to push inside. He moans, as his hot ass slowly consumes him. AaronA’s thick, cocky cock soon slides in and out from Mason’s hot ass. AaronA’s thick, cocky cock is making a groan as it pushes into that hole. Aaron switches the gears and lets Mason ride his dick. Mason then straddles the dick in a reverse cowgirl, and then gets back at it. MasonA is a fat cock and bounces around on it, wanting every last inch. As he rides, his thick tool bounces up and down as if he is on a plank. Aaron bends over and taps that doggy-style. AaronAs his balls begin to work at Mason’s ass. As he grips MasonA’s waist tight, he pounded at the hole. Aaron lets Mason sit back as he presses on the hole, while Mason rubs his abs. Mason follows Aaron’s lead and blows on AaronAs cum-drenched abs.

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