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Bryce, the weekend jock, was a clear choice and an instant fan favourite. Unfortunately, as is often the case when country guys visit the city, it seemed that he disappeared all together the first time. When he phoned us out of the blue to tell us that he was back in town and wanted to be back on camera, we were delighted. It seems that he’s been living the tough knock life. But, from the moment that he entered the room, there was a maturity evident in his eyes. His chest, however, is as smooth and baby-soft as ever. Bryce tries to keep the package in his pants, making sure that he is awake at all levels. After he has nuded, his soft body moves to his stomach and grinds his dick on the mattress. He then begins to massage the tight spot from his back with his fingers. His nether areas have been touched by someone since the last time he visited. His cock sticks so well that it almost sticks straight up into the air as he stands. As if it were catching on his face, he bounces the cock back and forth. Then he plays catA’s claws with all the cum oozing from the head. This is Bryce, the Bryce that we wanted to see. Bloated, exhausted, and with a large load, he enjoyed holding it back for as long as possible. Bryce makes his way to the ground to bust a nut position, staring inexorably into the camera as though he’s asking for help. Bryce becomes a geyser and lets it fall all over his body.

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