Morning Would –


We have something special for you this week. This is the last chance to show off Van Wilder, one of MiamiA’s finest. Van Wilder, 21 years old, has more to his arms than most guys. He discovered this at 14 years. His childhood friends were always in competition with him and once they began competing for girls, the truth dawned on him. The grape vine took over once the fat cock started to be taken by the girls. Van acknowledges that having a dick like his can sometimes be both a blessing or a curse. It can be a joy for some and a nightmare for others. Van makes a joke about how once some people feel it they won’t go near the A’thingA” they callA’. They don’t care if itA’s male or female. Van enjoys having a large dick. It gives him a boost in self-confidence and allows him to not over compensate. Van is careful with his equipment and confesses that he enjoys taking a jack off, but not every day. HeA’ll sometimes go days without washing his hands, while other times heAll do it 4-5x per day. We’ll see. Van is lying on his couch, but his dog is awake. He wakes to see a tent on his shorts. As he begins to draw his boner, he grabs at his cock and pulls it through his pants. As you can see, his cock is strained against his pants as he tries to free it. The fabric feels great against his growing cock as he works with it both hands. As his uncut cock appears, he pulls up his shorts. As he takes off his shorts, he is already hard. As he kisses his fat cock, he spreads out his beefy legs. VanA’s uncut, rock-hard cock could be a reason why people would hesitate to let him slip it around. VanA double-fists the massive cock that throbs to his touch. As he works his meat, he sits up. He works hard on his horse’s cock with big, smooth balls. Van has a naturally soft fur and a light trail of hair that runs south towards bigger pastures. Van’s light fur covers his crotch, and then disappears as you get to his beautiful thighs. Van tugs at his meat and then slaps the low hanging hangers, making his cock rock solid. As he nears the climax, he moves everyone to the chair and continues to stroke his fat cock. As he works the cock, he moves to the chair and slaps it in all its sweet spots. He stands as close as possible so we can see more of what is happening. As his thick balls give way, he moans. He spits out his creamy nut, which splatters across the top of the glass. Whew.

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