Get a Piece of the Rokk –


We have something very special. Van Wilder, a 19-year old Miami native decided to drop by our studio with an eagerness to share his talent. Van Wilder, a 19-year-old Miami resident decides to stop by the studio with his 8A’ cock. We found a new lucky friend to assist him. Tony Rokk, a 27-year-old Puerto Rican from the United States, will be making his debut this week. Tony Rokk is ready for an exciting ride…but we shouldn’t get ahead. This is what we asked these fit studs to think about their guilt-indulging. VanA gave the answer: “Cheetos!” That was the answer he needed. Tony loves pizza, even if he isn’t following a healthy diet. VanA is a fat dick. We asked him if heAs ever been truly deep-throated. He said it had happened, but couldnAt tell us which team did a better job. He might be collaborating with skilled women. Next, we wanted to know where their loads were shot into the most. Van grins at A’A girlA” and Tony says heA has bitten his eye in the past. Then we asked what one needs to do in order to make them cum well. Van enjoys his balls and his nipples. Tony loves a man to discover his A’sweetA spot and fuck it more! (…our typea man)Van sits down and watches porn on his computer. He decides to get up. Van strips down and grabs his thick cock. He starts to stroke the cock as it grows. Tony finds Van holding his cock and bursts into the room. VanA is confused by VanA’s sudden appearance on his couch. But, once he realizes that it’s TonyA’s home, he accepts the cost and offers Tony some of his cock. Tony falls to his knees, and he begins to enjoy the benefits of VanA’s fat cock and foreskin. Van grumbles while Tony eats all he can of the dick, which makes it more difficult for him to swallow. Tony spends his time adoring the meat and stroking his knob. Tony begins to rub his cocks together, which is a far better option than going to porn. Van lies down on his back and he begins to rub his smooth body against his neck, all the while he licks his cock. He is not wrong. Then he stands and supports VanA’s arse as VanA slaps TonyA’s thick cock. Van asks Tony if he wants that dick in him. Van does the same for his Puerto Rican dick and takes his snout all the way to his throat. After a while, he’ll work on the shaft and then heAs finished, heAs up and places Tony against the wall. TonyA starts moaning, as VanA’s cock slips inside of his tight arse. Van doesn’t waste time and goes to work on his hole. He fucks Van doggy-style as his balls smash at his ass. Tony just giggles in delight as his ass is stretched out wide. Van grabs Tony at the waist, and then he gets even more fucked as he pulls on his ass. Van switches things up and pulls Tony in front of him so that Van can work. Tony happily ignores that nasty dick and fucking his own ego. Van grabs Van again and starts to smash that dick into that hole. Van grabs Tony and starts to slap that tight-knit missionary. Tony is hit in the right place as he pounds his ins quicker and more deeply. Tony goes after Van, and he pound Tony harder. Tony can’t resist. TonyA is nearing the end of his climax when Van comes out and jumps all over TonyA. Tony does just that, cuming all over TonyA’s cock and navel.

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