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I´m dressed when my lieutenant calls to ensure that I have all taken care of to a crime kingpin’s impending arrest. Obviously I have this my cover hasn’t been broken and I will be attentive. I´t got everything under control. I end off pulling up my back thigh high stockings and putting in my sneakers and off I go. I get in my pickup truck and fix the mirror if suddenly a major guy jumps in from the side of the truck and catches me in a barbarous choke hold. I flail and kick my thighs struggling of the rag he has covering my nose and mouth. I grab his hands to push away, but my efforts becoming weak and I believe that the shadow envelope me since I move out chilly… I wake up in a deserted industrial building bound to a seat. A rope is all around my torso and there’s a rope wrapped round my neck connected into my ankles. My elbows are crushed together behind my back and now that I shout for assistance. The large man begins to interrogate me and returns. I refuse being an undercover cop and that he isn’t considering me. He places his hand over mouth and manhandles my own body choking me several times. Wraps my head having elastic bandage and then shoves a rag deeply into my mouth when I refuse to collaborate the bastard. I’m scared for my life when I understand that the neck rope was attached to chain. Each motion of my body and every struggle causes mee to choke and gag. I try to hold still but he shoves a vibrator up against my pussy putting it set up. If the vibrations become powerful and I realize that my legs will give out and I shall tease and strangle myself as the climax builds my legs begin to shake and an orgasm overtakes my body. I shout in terror understanding that this predicament is going to be my passing!!

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