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My car was in the paint shop three times and it’s still paring and spotty. I choose to confront the shop and make them fix the paint project once and for all. The woman Zooey Zara is accountable now and that I get up in her head and give a piece of my head to the bitch. Suddenly she squeezes up me from the wall and grabs me around the throat. She calls out for Damon and he catches me and pushes me down. Damon Pierce pushes a wad of cloth deep in my mouth me straddle. Elastic bandage is wrapped by him around and while still Zooey fondles my own tits and unbuttons gropes and my blouse. Damon tells her to hold me down and that then he rolls my ankles up. I overhear their conversation and find out drugs are running through this facility. I am truly petrified – those folks are harmful!! Through them placing me at a hogtie damon binds my wrists behind my back and also runs a rope. As he bends up my back 12, I sob through my gag. They make plans proceed to obtain their truck and to eradicate me. Not one of those ropes will loosen at all, although I struggle and roll around the filthy floor. When I see these return, I start to panic. Damon runs his hands up and down my entire body while I’m really so brutally bound, manhandling me. I watch Damon uncapping among the massive steel barrels and hear sound. He lifts my bound body as if I dumps me and consider nothing. I am freaking out – acute neglect &;t do this to me!!! I could & acute; t manuever out of it although the barrel rolls with my entire body within it. On leaving me bound and gagged in darkness at the barrel damon lifts the barrel back and places the shirt.

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