I&intense;m awakened by a solid XXXX by two female voices arguing. I walk in and you’ll find two blonde bimbos in catsuits attempting to rob my house. These two dumb blondes don’t have any hint that theyacute;t picked on the home to pull up a robbery. I will look after these two and am armed. The curvy blonde Lylah Ryder attempts to make her partner in crime Whitney Morgan is dumbfounded. I toss Whitney a piece of rope and XXXX her to begin linking up her partner. She binds Lylahs arms and the two girls are making too much noise. I hand a pair of underwear to Whitney and then XXXX her to shove it into acute & Lylah;s mouth putting the panties tightly with elastic bandage. I unzip intense, buxom Lylah &;s grope and catsuit her huge tits while she´s becoming gagged. I create Whitney continue tying up her and then push her down to her knees. Whitney binds her ankles and I make a crotch rope giving the thing a camel toe is added by her. Whitney finishes off her hogtied. While I get busy gagging Whitney with lace panties, poor helpless Lylah struggles and rolls on the floor. I finish gagging her wrapping her head closely. I jam pretty Whitney&severe elbows collectively cinching the rope till she cries out. I push her down on the ground with her head next to extreme Lylah &; s pussy and that I crotch rope her again. I continue until Whitney is hogtied right next to her curvy dumb spouse, adding rope. I gagged helplessly crying and fighting in their gags and leave these two bimbos.

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