I&severe;m feeling super hot in my shiney black wet look apparel that is tight and very shiney black stiletto high heel boots with my shiny pantyhose underneath. Everything is tight and my dress will be now getting so I peel it off to reveal a shiney classic two piece bathing suit sweaty. Ahhh yes, the most out for some self bondage. I&extreme;ve brought another pair of leather high heel boots with rubbing them down and up my sweet pussy masturbate. I start with a torso harness cinched between my tits making my tits pop out very. I add a crotch rope yanking it nice and snug breaking my lips. I bind my knees and my back ankles making certain to add a heel tie. The self bondage and also the feeling of the bondage is getting me hot and wet. I tie my wrists together behind my back and wiggle my way to the floor fighting and rolling into the bondage putting off myself with my leather boot. A perfect way to spend a day.

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