Sexy amazon burglar Gia Love & I head which I have the intel on. Outside wearing her skin tight mini skirt and stiletto heels dangling seductively at every window to peek inside gia tiptoes. She criticizes me the time calling me incompetent and stating I can&severe;t even do anything. She berates me for being slow and old and is extremely bossy and demanding. She wants to heist the stones and is getting really impatient. Hurry up she demands. I&severe;t so I shed a number of fumes being omitted by a capsule had enough of her shit. Acute & what;so smell Gia wonders. Soon the large tit bitch starts to find tired, although she continues her search for the stones. Gia tries to walk off it but the fumes get to her and she’s out and down cold on the ground. The next thing wakes up along with her wrists tightly bound behind her backagain. Her elbows are smashed and her wrists and ankles tightly tied. Gia struggles hard for her feet and gets into a panic. She wiggles and rolls and handles for her knees. The beauty realizes she is helpless without the possibility of getting from the bondage. Arrogant Gia struggles for a while to find free, when she hears a knock on the door. Help me cries out, but instead of being spared there is a cop standing at the door with a set of handcuffs. You’re under arrest that he tells the burglar and Gia is being led with her hand.

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