Thieving sisters Luna Dawn and Nyxon hook up to rob a property. Their intel was that there have been lots of stone that extreme & that an couldn ;t even wait to get my hot little hands of their gems. I wait till the goods are found by the two bimbos and also together with the element of surprise in my favor that I hold them up. No way am I sharing anything with those two dumb tit broads. I XXXX her husband to tie her down and shove Luna Dawn. I tie off her ankles into the chair rung and add a rope whilst Nyxon secures pretty Luna & acute; s arms. Nyxon is so damn slow and acute & she’s;s really beginning to piss me off so I push them into Luna & severe and then catch a pair of underwear from the bedroom;s mouth. She is obviously the follower in the combination and she sobs like a baby when her mind is wrapped by me with bandage gagging her. I XXXX a pair of panties into her mouth wrapping the heck out of her face with layer upon layer of this elastic bandage and grab Nyxon with her ponytail. Eventually they´re both silenced. I cram her elbows along cinching the rope and push Nyxon down. I collect all the jewels and hogtie the major tit wide. Away I go in leaving the two raven haired siters to money bound.

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