Pretty blonde flight attendant Andi Page is the ploy for my aims. Extreme & she;s prepared for the next flight out of the nation and I want to become her to get effortless and quick depart in the USA. I hold the thing that is youthful up at g-point and XXXX her to strip away her stewardess uniform. After she&extreme;s inside her panties, her bra and heels, I bind her wrists behind her back cinching her elbows. I put the innocent blonde groping her entire body that the bimbo down onto the floor. I tie her ankles and roll her. Next I push on a rag that is significant to acute & Andi;s mouuth. Poor Andi&extreme;s pretty gloomy eyes widen in fear and she starts to cry. She struggles in the ropes but I add more – her pussy dividing in two and giving the flight attendant a major camel toe. Andi sobs at her peril helpless at the bondage. Because my plan comes together, I complete the blonde that is pretty off hogtied and laugh. I strip off my tight tight pencil skirt and skirt and put on intense & Andi;s skin tight airline uniform while the adorable bound girl yells and struggles on the ground. Thank you Andi – your help with my strategy has been valuable.

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