What the fuck are you currently doing??? You’re cutting a hole in my walls!! What exactly are you – incompetent?? Cease!! Stop and call your own damn foreman!!! I&severe;m spending you guys a whole lot of money for remodeling my kitchen and I demand you wash your mess today!!! I&severe;theres not paying for this. Severe & here;s a rag – only clean this debris and then get out!!! We´re not cleanup anything he says and the brawny carpenter catches my wrists behind my back holding me to cleanup rag deeply into my mouth, while the foreman pushes. Here you go bitch they state and that he wraps layers of duct tape around and around my head. I kick and buck and punch, however intense I &;theres no match for the strength of just two guys!! Me choke and smacks my ass roughly and groping my tits manhandling me every manner possible while the foreman ropes my elbows up beating them behind my back. Grunt fiercely bucking my own body to prevent themm and I start to sob throughout my gag, but my efforts are futile. I feel my makeup running down my head when the carpenter applies more layers of tape!! and grabs my mind He proceeds to abuse me while the foreman evolves my thighs tightly together restricting attempts and my movement to kick. He pulls on my pen skirt up and they just take turns smacking my bum. The Jim Hunter tells and yells his worker to have his own way with me. Before we leave, get a piece of her. OMG!!! Nooooooooooo!!!! The carpenter tears open my pantyhose and rips me. I listen to him pulling down his horn while his foreman retains me mind steady and I am savagely fucked by him. I sob in humiliation and fear. Then he grunts and zips up and that then they push me down on the ground. My legs are bound by them and tie my stiletto heels on my feet. My satin panties are pulled down on my buttocks and I fear for my own life. He yanks it and pulls some rope up and between my bum cheeks till I shout – that the crotchrope is unbearable and really intense. They tie me in a barbarous hogtie and roll again me. The ropes cut deeply into my skin and the bondage is really debilitating that I begin to feel the faint. I think that they will depart and my ordeal will soon be over. I shout throughout the gag for assistance and the foreman returns to humiliate and harm me more. He applies clothes pins and pulls my sweater up exposing my tits. The pain is excruciating and me roll on my belly and throw some debris and dirt for a torment before leaving me rolling around and futilely struggling.

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