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Nikki Darling is a toned professionally trained dancer which has a banging body. This horny slut makes her living as a stripper and brings an incredibly well trained throat into the table. Now is simple, we are going to test that throat training. Can this fucktoy manage the Sexuallybroken experience? Let’s find out!Restrained with leather cuffs that extends out and pulls in all directions and chains in a brutal strappado, Nikki is a bound butterfly. Chain and the neck collar keeps her bed firmly set up, her arms are shackled to a pole. Her wide thighs are cuffed and straightened , totally displaying her high heels. There is A hitachi screwed into position between these wide open legs to check her multi tasking abilities. And it is on.We simply walk up and make full use of that well trained confront pussy that’s conveniently placed directly in dick height. One after another prick reshapes her throat as sputters and Nikki gasps, carrying it. Here is the type of fucktoy which knows how to put her nose. All of the while the vibrator between those thighs that are lean will be slowly currently working its magic, ripping out orgasm after orgasm. The look on Nikki’s face can only be called bliss.By the time we’re done stuffing 10 inches of BBC down her throat hole until she is cross eyed and dazed, Nikki is limp and helpless in her bondage, held up only by her own chains. We don’t have any sympathy, teaching her to wait with her mouth open and tongue out for another round of cock, although she is so invested she can lift her head. The positive sign instructed. That is a woman that is good.

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