Live Shoot: Dirk Caber and.. –


Folsom Street Fair is this weekend and all the guys are excited about it. Josh West invites Dirk Caber to the ballroom, where he has him tie the wooden cross. Dirk is teasingly teased by sexy partygoers. They take Dirk’s clothes off and make use of him. Josh West takes Dirk with his slave boys to serve hot horny guys. The party starts when Leo Forte and Derek Pain show up. Because he doesn’t like that, we suspend Derek. Leo Forte snubs Dirk and Derek until they turn red. Both endure the whole body zip. Dirk is awash in cum during the party. Josh puts Dirk on his bed, and then the food frenzy starts. Everybody takes it in turns to fuck him, and then they all get on his face. Before they all leave, they take turns pissing on him.

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