Crushed Under My Big Hairy Ass –


The beautiful and plump Lady Katy comes back from the garden with her slave, right there she left him. His head is still on the chair, waiting for her to crush it under her sweaty, hairy, and sexy ass. He is to be seated lightly and she will ask him to sweat her pants. She then talks about her sweaty hair. Then, she stands and takes off her pants. You quickly see her amazing hairy bush. As she sits down on her bits, she talks to her boyfriend about her sweaty and smelly genitals and commands him to stick his tongue in her hairy hole.

Then, she lies down completely on her slave’s back and gets all the benefits of her body weight. She kicks for air, but he is not in any hurry to get up. When she does finally get up, he gasps. She now spreads her huge cheeks out and delights him in her beautiful, puckered sex. He tells her how much it is his favorite and the slave giggles like a young boy at school. He says, “AEURoeI just love it.” He is told to let his tongue go and she says, “AEURoeIf youraEUR(tm), lucky, you may get a huge juicy fartaEUR.” You can see the slave’s naked face as she slams it down. He can be replaced easily so she reminds him. Because he kicks for air, she starts touching her pussy.

Katy then stands up, leans forward and takes a look at her beautiful sex. The slave is ordered to come back inside and lick the hole. She says, “AEURoeTell us how much it means to you.” As her slave licks, she entices him by saying that he would be her complete toilet. Everything he eats and all of her bodily fluids will come out of her body. His tongue will serve as her toilet paper. It’s evident that the slave loves to be her oral servant. He licks his lips with passion. He licks her so much that it makes her feel like she is having an epileptic fit. She says, “AEURoeIaEUR(tm), I’m tiredaEUR” and then sits down.

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