Lyla Storm brutally bound in.. –


Beautiful thin Latina Lyla Storm is magnificent she’d of been a runway model. Fortunately for us, she is a born pervert that prefers to wrangle the penis instead. And we are extremely appreciative of the actuality. Her skills are legendary and a few reason we keep inviting her spine. She is ready to completely ruin herself on the dick.We begin off using Lyla leaping down to a chair, her arms strictly cranked behind her and leather straps snugly binding up her tits. A neck rope retains her head in place at dick height. A leather blindfold plus A massive ring gag complete the package. The ring gag is large that cock can slide in and make itself comfortable. That is exactly what we do. The dick is relentless and does its very best impression of a battering ram by doing her best impression of a drooling fountain as Lyla responds. After we have reshaped her throat, then we shift her from the chair tie and thrown her down onto her knees for a few fucking. 10 inches of BBC slam cums appreciatively all over the dick. Her long hair makes as we understand the dick to be driven by it a handy manage. We change the tie , today stringing Lyla into a serious strappado.The strappado brings Lyla’s mouth to dick height yet back, and we make full use of the actuality. More spit pours. Her makeup is totally wrecked, giving Lyla the appearance of a gloomy eyed panda. This fucktoy has been utilized in every hole from every angle and can be a destroyed puddle of flesh. We depart her twitching in her bondage, her eyes unfocused and glassy and strung up. Lyla is a keeper, with no doubt.

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