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Alice walks in the desert, her apparel buffeted by the winds that were hot. In a daze she stumbles into an old stone shack in the Southwest. Is it a portal to another time or even a peyote induced vision? We may never be certain, however Alice becomes a filthy, debaucherous, also dangerous celebration of sexual deviance’s crowd and the celebrity subject. She tormented, devoured is fucked, and hauled within an otherworldly carnival of delights conducted by the Maestra Surgeon that we suspect might be controlling this mirage. . . .Acrobats blend with lesbian gang bangs, a spider-like aerialist spins above bodies. Add to the one virgin pussy, suspension , and a cake covered ass dropped in a Alices dream becomes a dream of epic proportions. Join us. …”FEED: The Last Supper” was shot on location in the American Southwest, with a cast and crew of all neighborhood artists, actors, and real life fans playing and working in community. Directed by the legendary Maria Beatty and co-produced with actor and Dominant Surgeon, FEED is a labor of love and perversion at the intersection of two filthy minds. Participants from the film lent their particular abilities, also co-created the scenes.

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