Sister Act –


Music writer Sarah Vandella has important star dirt on teen idol pop celebrity sisters Ashley Adams and Samantha Rone. Sarah has a sex tape to show that the sisters are secretly lesbians. Shes trying to acquire an exclusive with a publisher who will put her story on the magazine cover. Ashley Adams and Samantha Rone head to meet Sarah Vandella for a meeting. The women are also expecting to find an exclusive on the cover of this magazine. Sarah asks them routine interview questions about their music, their lovers. Sarah asks them how they find time to get boyfriends.But the girls prefer not to talk about their private relationship status. Sarah would like to understand one more thing, if they are really sisters. They confirm they’re sisters. Then she asks them to describe the sex tape that is scandalous. Ashley is pissed, she denies the alleged affair. She needs a cover story, but maybe not that particular one. Sarah wants something for himself. Shell place them on the cover of Rolling Boulder, but only if they do exactly what she says. Sarah wants to watch Ashleys huge tits. Sarah also wants to see the sisters outside. She dominates her MILF pussy while she watches the teens suck on each other tits, lick each others pussies. She praises them for eventually doing real work, earning their own exclusive. Gets Samantha cum inside her mouth, while orgasms are orchestrated by Sarah. She moans Ashleys clit and sends Samantha to consume her sisters pussy. All over Sarahs hand pussy explodes, wetting the couch with squirt! Sarah licks Samanthas dripping pussy, stimulating the squirt from her, till Sarah is soaked with pussy juice!

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