Adriana in love –


Whitney Morgan, Enchantress Sahrye and I accept a bondage modeling gig that I found on Craig´s List. It was described as an easy hour with Jim Hunter showing a new rigger named Bryan the ropes. We show up looking so hot in our matching leopard tight mini dresses thinking this would impress them and that we´d milk them for their money. Instead the minute the hour begins, Jim crushes my elbows together and binds them tightly. He explains how to cinch the rope as Bryan practices tying on Sahrye. Wait a minute you two! This is not what we agreed to. They bind our wrists and then Hunter uses my body to show Bryan how to do a pussy splitting tight crotch rope pulling the crotch rope through our wrists painfully. Whitney begins to get really nervous and we all protest, and that causes Jim to shove a huge ballgag between my lips to silence me. He helps Bryan with sexy Latina Sahrye´s double strap choke ballgag and the drool immediately begins to run out of her mouth. He shove us down onto the ground and they both cross our ankles and bind them tightly finishing with a brutal hogtie. Whitney decides this isn´t for her and she runs to the door to get out, but Hunter grabs her in a choke hold and wrestles her arms behind her back quickly binding them super tight. The beautiful blonde kicks and struggles, but she is no match for Hunter and he takes control shoving a ballgag into her mouth and he contines tying her up and laying her down on the floor. Once all three of us are tightly bound hogtied, Jim and Bryan go off to have a beer leaving us helpless – bound, gagged and struggling on the floor.

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