Now That’s Inspiring –


Scene Alex is at work on his masterpiece.

He had some inspiration that was female so he went into massage parlor a friend of his suggested. She murdered him when he met with his hot masseuse Madelyn. They moved to the area and he said he was looking to paint. Let him watch her body that was amazing and she wanted to inspire him so she stripped naked. She subsequently took him and washed him off before directing him to the Jacuzzi. There his entire body was kissed on by her, stroked his dick and allow him to investigate her body that was awesome. They moved into the mattress where she started sliding her incredible body up and down and coated them in soap his. The skin on contact had him worked up so she flipped over him and asked if he had decided if he was planning to paint her. He was not sure just yet therefore that she took that measure to convince him and let him slide his dick into her pussy. He fucked her hard and deep just as he was going to cum she pulled his dick out and milked every last drop of jizz on her flat belly.

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