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Presley Carter was called in by a client because her back had become tighter. Presley told him that although he was uncomfortable at the age of 19, he was totally capable. She also needed some cash for Spring Break. Presley takes Presley upstairs to get right to work with him. Presley is a skilled worker and knows how to manage clients. Presley is literally putty in her hand when she takes off her robe and exposes her tattooed hips. He starts to erect. She grabs his towel, and she gets up on top of him. Presley is stunned by his size and decides to slow down the process so that she can have as much fun as him. He gets a slow, deep throat job. She makes sure she licks the underside of the cock and works the shaft with her fingers. To make him blow his tits, she uses the perfect amount of eye contact and spit.

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