My Virgin Daughter: Part Two –


Previously on Girlsway, Jelena Jensen had a surreal dream her step daughter Cassidy Klein had been to lose her virginity. After numerous attempts to discourage her step girl that is lesbian, Jelenas couldnt withstand her lesbian sexual urges to fulfill her daughters wishes. Jelena confides going into details regarding her fantasy and the symbolism behind it. Jelena considers that this fantasy is help her understand how to express herself by indulging in sensual delights and also really a revelation brought to her by Jesus to guide Cassidy as her guardian angel. Without any experience in bliss, orgasms and appreciate getting, Cassidy is clueless and trusts her mom to show her what she needs to know.Jelena asks Cassidy to remove her pants and her mum lets loose her enormous breasts out of her bra, with her nipples fully erect. Cassidy feels her buttocks for the first time, showing her how to stimulate her sexually. They sit beside each other as Jelena reveals Cassidy to please and manipulate her hot pussy. Jelena reveals her daughter where her clitoris is located, a place above her pussy where she can rub gradually or harshly. Jelena begins pleasing her allies and wets her finger, despite Cassidys reluctance. Cassidy screams in lesbian euphoria feeling her real womanly orgasm. Jelena places her pussy lips and instructs her how to give another woman an orgasm, guiding her to move her mouth and lips gently over her hot lesbian pussy. Eventually the lesbian fantasy culminates together tribbing their moist pussies moaning in lesbian pride and cumming in passion. However, both women have a shocking secret of their making this an epic twist which can be viewed here on!

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