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April ONeil is forcing Lyra Law home. Lyra has lost any of her vision and got into an accident. Its around April, her caregiver for the week, to rehabilitate her. As they drive home April guarantees her shell do. She leads her into the house and puts her on the bed. Because her vision is quite blurry, she struggles to locate the soap If Lyra goes to the bathroom to wash up. Determined to be independent, she tries desperately to wash herself is not able to achieve that. April steps in, informs her that shes here to help. If Lyra would like to get undressed to have a bath, April will be happy to help her. April helps her take her clothes off and volunteers. She cant help but notice how healthy Lyra is. As she chooses her clothes, she sees her body. April tests that the water to find that the water isn’t functioning, If Lyra is finally naked. Lyra has been in the hospital daily, her eyesight is fucked and her hot water doesnt work. She breaks down in tears while she is consoled by April and suggests she puts her into bed. Lyra feels . When April asks her if she is able to do anything Lyra asks her to stay with her. Lyra plants a kiss on Aprils lips and continues to thank her for her help.

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