Lacy Cruz –


You almost feel guilty seeing Lacy Cruz enter the gloryhole; its like watching a zebra going into the lions den. Lacys cuteness means that within shes a cum junkie keen to do whatever is necessary to find that dick. Lacys done her homework and knows in which black dicks get their successes, that these gloryholes are. Before we return to the major event its show and tell time with Lacy displaying her teen body. The distracting clothes shortly find their way into the ground and we all get to see all her glory. You can feel the shyness in her voice but disappears once a black dick is given for her intake. Lacys reward comes through after simmer for a couple minutes and that she uses her mouth to keep him hot. Her tongue goes down and up all sides of the shaft ensuring his dick that is black will remain difficult and nice for his blowjob machine. Lacy catches her filling of sauce after jerking and sucking off him like her life depended upon the nutrients of cum.

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