Nicole Ray –


This is ONLY Interracial Spectacle and Nicole Rays FIRST !

Everybody remembers the scene we all did a little while back with Flash the basketball player, also Tommie Ryden the sexy cheerleader. It seems that Tommie was talking, also piqued the interest of hot little blond cheerleader Nicole, with a boyfriend on exactly the same group, however hes white, and also isnt packing the giant salami that Tommie cant stop talking about since Flash almost split her into two when he fucked her with it. Nicole starts speaking to Flash about Tommie about getting a shot at the mega-tool herself, and setting out him and sees her opportunity. Flash is reluctant because he doesnt need to get into a jackpot of shit to get fucking a different team members girlfriend. Nicole doesnt care about this, she only wants to see what the fuss is all about, and will not stop until she gets a glance at Flashs black torpedo. She moans on it, and your cat is out of the bag turning back and begins seeing how far she is able to push it down her throat. Nicole is one gifted little slut, and you’ll delight in watching her innovative cocksucking skills, in addition to how she could gyrate her pussy around this period of black pipe. Flash gives her orgasms she needed before, and she wont stop until he fills her mouth. She begs to his cum, and she discovers herself gagging on it as her mouth is currently packed with his snowy jam, when he busts!

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