How much can a person.. –


Gia DiMarco is back! This was her first shot of the day. It was also our meet and greet scene. Here we learn if the model can handle it or not. Now that we know the end result, let’s watch Gia wait and wonder. We don’t have to wait long for her before she lets us in on the sex. We let her rip off all of her clothes, then we show our big nipples. They are pressed hard and we add weights to make her miserable. Then we slap her a little and give the whore cum a good rub. We wrap our hands around her neck and she responds very well. She is now at her tips and she can’t breathe. This excites her even more, and her pussy becomes wetter. We decide to make her wet and sloppy. One rope is pulled through her wet, tender pussy. A second bowling ball is attached to her crotch. She is now being pulled in both directions. What will she be able to endure until the lights fade and the room turns dark?

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