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Mandy Muse, who is clearly annoyed that the massage parlor’s computer isn’t working, is sitting in front of it in her reception. Help is available. “I’m curious what wimpy geek the computer company will send to me this time,” A’ Mandy says. Charles Dera is the I.T. He walks in. Mandy, who was expecting a geek-looking man before her, is shocked. Charles looks up at her. She looks at Charles and says A’IA’m glad you…came. Charles ignores Charles’ innuendo, and asks how he could help.
They chat as she remains seated and discuss what could be wrong with her computer. His face is now only inches from her, as he grabs her arm and lowers his head to the chair’s arms. A’Oh my,A’ says Mandy under her breath. A tense moment passes. He finally uses the armrests of the chair to pull Mandy away from the computer. Yes, of course. Charles would be busy doing other things down there. Charles looks at the cables and bends a bit. Mandy cannot help but admire his legs. He says, “Wow! That is so tight!” A’Oh you have no idea,A’ Mandy says quietly. Charles was sorry but he didn’t hear Mandy’s words. He was too busy stating that her desk space is limited, making it difficult to do work.
Is Mandy able to turn the computer on and off again? He raises his eyebrows and asks, “Yes. I tried turning it off again.” Mandy murmurs in frustration, “Yes, it seems to not be working!” In that situation, Mandy will have to reset his network. He promptly gets to work.
Finally, he turns his head to face her and gives him an update about the problem. He also said that the network will reset so they’ll have to wait. His head turns to face the screen, but he then blinks. It seems that his neck is in pain. MandyA feels a lightbulb go off inside her head. As she looks at her opening, she smiles ingeniously.
Charles’s wife comments that Charles looks so stiff. His posture must be ruined by all the computer repairs he does every day. Charles says the same thing to Mandy, explaining that his neck feels stiff. It’s fortunate that Charles is an expert in handling difficult things. Perhaps Mandy could give Charles a massage. Charles seems to be unaware of her innuendo. He says that heAAs not allowed to do this while heAs working. Mandy responds that she’d love to help Charles, and to thank him for his computer repair. What else can they do while the network resets? Charles accepts.
Mandy takes Charles to the shower. HeA’s at first surprised by the shower, and then heA’s unsure about it again. But Mandy tells him that this is all part of the adventure. He trusted her to repair the computer, and Charles must now trust her to fix it. Charles finally takes off his clothes after a while. Mandy tells him to remove his glasses from the shower to prevent them getting fogged up. But he will not be able see. She says that it’s okay, and it’s about how it feels. Charles removes his glasses. Mandy is impressed by Charles’ naked physique. He is so close to her, she can’t keep her hands from him.
Mandy starts to wash Charles from the back. He turns around, and she begins to clean his dirty dick. MandyA feels so horny that her right hand touches his cock. She starts to rub her pussy. Charles realizes sheA’s doing some thing. He is unable to see what it is. Charles questions her about what sheA’s doing. Mandy still pleasurable, but she lets out a groan. She tells Charles that the soap is just helping her get a lather. Charles needs to relax and allow her to do what she wants. Mandy is still washing Charles, but she continues to enjoy herself. She eventually puts her hand on his mouth and cums. Charles questions her about the sound. Mandy believes it was the network restarting in another room.
Mandy instructs Charles to wash off his glasses and to follow her into the next room. They will then proceed to the massage section. Charles takes his glasses with him and holds them as they move to the massage area. Charles lies down on the massage table and places his glasses sideways. He comments about how his neck feels great and that it is much more comfortable than anything he’s ever felt. Charles is more open and chatty, but less reserved. Mandy oils him and tells him she noticed that he wasn’t as ‘all businessA before. She jokes with him that she didn’t think he liked her. He responds by rubbing oil all over CharlesAs muscles. It wasnAt that. ItAs simply that CharlesA is very shy when meeting new people. Charles was drawn to I.T. because of this. Charles got into I.T. in the first instance. It can sometimes be easier to use computers than with humans.
Mandy, who is shocked by Charles’s body and shyness, tells him she is surprised. Charles is shy! She thanks him and tells Mandy heA’s been a bit of a geek all his life. He’s always been very insecure. HeA has always been very insecure and heAs always longed to get along better with others. But heAs never had that chance. Charles is still body sliding, Mandy sees an opportunity and jumps. Charles can have her help with his people skills if he wants. She says the last sentence and her hands start to move toward Charles’s dick.
Charles hesitates and pulls her hand away from his. He is not even familiar to her. It would be strange to have them as complete strangers. He wonders. He watches as her hands move around the dick. He tells her that theyAre not strangers any more. Charles gets bored with playing on computers all day, isn’t it? Mandy holds CharlesA’s hand, and Mandy takes it from him. He doesn’t want anything more than a warm, wet thing. She asks.
Charles can’t stop the desire any longer. Mandy is his desire!
Mandy is eager to teach the handsome nerd the art of pleasing women once he gives her the opportunity to ride on his horse. He quickly picks up the skills and makes her cum like never before. It was her computer’s breakdown that turned out to be the best part of her day.

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