Gravity Part 2 –


There is a reason everybody enjoys feeds much. Our crew loves putting on a display, obviously. And the membership loves being able to donate to the decimation of our models. However, the girls, women like Nikki Darling and Bella Rossi, they come to people because a live show is the ideal method for them to experience the most extreme bondage, area, and humiliation of their lives. The predicament we put these two into first is indescribable. Bella is ruptured and suspended, Nikki is currently holding a weight with her ankles . The link between those has Bella gasping for air and Nikki begging for mercy. She knows that if she doesn't remain powerful a day that is very 19, her partner will have. Bella is probably wishing she didn't have big and attractive tits. If they aren ' t tied they off ' re clamped. The majority of the time that she must deal with both. It s far better than that which we re placing Nikki through, however. She is bent backward with her head and her legs spread back. Her pussy is currently playing host to a dildo in the end of a brutal fucking machine. Her mouth is going to get fucked full of rubber by Bella. It is an extraordinary double penetration — both ends of the girl are pounded mercilessly. Until she can hardly see straight, decreasing slack from her bondage she cums. There s just one problem. We aren't done. Nikki has another hole and we would feel terrible when we left it out. We cram her buttocks full of, box her up so that only the useful elements are sticking , and then bend her over.

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