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Darling, an Ultimate Surrender veteran wrestler, trains in multiple disciplines even when she isn’t on the mats. Adrianna Luna, a seasoned MMA fighter, has big plans to show porn sluts just how good MMA fighters are! Adrianna doesn’t know Darling is a trained fighter and has a deep understanding of our rules. Darling’s mouthpiece is used to deliver some of her most memorable and hilarious on-the mat trash talk we’ve ever seen. Darling’s dominance of this gal is evident. Darling has strayed from catch and release, which she had been practicing since the 1:35 mark. Darling, our Grappler performs some very rare submissions in this match. Although she rarely submits, Darling was determined to do so today. This MMA babe was a tough opponent. The match was not even close. Darling finds new methods to win style points by making her opponent idolize her muscles while immobilizing her. Darling demands Adrianna take on the humiliation of submitting to muscle dominance and losing in a wrestling match against a “porn slut”. Darling must see if Luna is capable of doing *something* better than she’s not at wrestling. We viewers were treated to a real treat. It was rare to see Darling get fucked, and Darling certainly deserved it after the match.

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