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Hi there Guys, It’s me and it seems good to be back, I do miss you when I am out doing other things. My woman friend Belicia phoned me up this day before Valentines Day yelling on top of her lungs and telling me she walked in on her man fucking her so called best woman friend. The thing is that I knew just what to do, although I know that feeling having it happen to me a time or 2. I invited. At first we talked boys so she could get it all out and then we began talking about how good you boys leave us feel and so long we were equally horny as hell. We started kissing and touching each other around and nature took its course and one thing led to another and stripped down to our bras and panties. Belicia and I had been standing in front of my bed kissing and rubbing each others breast, I licked her tits and straight up her throat and then we shared a tongue flicking kiss before I kissed my way down her sexy body and caressed her body from her thighs back up to her breast. We began touching and kissing one another and sat and then I caught up on my knees. Belicia started licking and sucking my nipples and pulled my bra down, I could sense them climbing as soon as she began, her mouth was warm and her tongue had been wet that was nasty. She pulled down her bra and I began licking and sucking her breasts as she unfastened her bra and I pitched it and then she leaned back and I went right back into teasing her stiffening nipples. Belicia awakened and we started kissing and then she started licking at my nipples, first one and then another, teasing them back and forth. I put them and took my strain of pearls and then I laid down on my stomach with my ass up. Belicia leaned back and spread her legs open wide and I started licking at her tits and then I reached down and began massaging her puss. I slipped my hands inside her panties and Belicia kept them open from the top and after that I began rubbing against her pussy up and down, her pussy felt hot to touch and that I knew she had to be getting moist. I reached up and started squeezing, playing with her breasts and pushing them together then I removed the rings from around her throat and sat back on the sofa. Belicia got together with her hot ass and then she licked and sucked my nipples that were sexy as I redressed her. I began playing my tit as she licked and sucked the other and then she reached down between my soft thighs and started rubbing against my snatch. I’ve been awaiting for her to contact me their, my pussy was excited I tossed and turned all through the night considering today ever since I first got up. Belicia and I got up on her knees and began kissing, then sticking our tongues in each other mouths after which she laid back and I took her sneakers off and she slipped her panties off. Then I went right down and belicia spread her legs wide open and started licking her upward, tonguing her twat up and down as I rubbed and played with her own breast. I gradually slid my finger in hole and she was just a little moist, she said it was a few days since she had something inside her I thought she was just playing around. My finger slid in and out of her puss and I started rubbing her clit, I wanted to be certain she had been a woman. I also obtained my sexy ass into Doggy and slid my hands from within her wet hole, leaning over the back of the couch with my leg around the arm. Belicia began licking at my pussy, tonguing my twat up and down and she slid her hands inside and started licking my ass. I started playing with my tits as Belicia continued fingering my moist hole, she’d my pussy feeling so great I didn’t understand what to do so that I just reached back and grabbed a fits full of her hair and she just kept right on slipping her fingers in and out. I sat on the couch and belicia slid her fingers out of me and spread my legs wide and Belicia went right down and began licking at my twat, taking me into the edge before she ceased. She laid down and I got with my cunt right in her head, she went back into licking my grab as I licked her clit and then fingered her hole. As individuals continued licking each other up like crazy her mine was exactly the same. I grabbed my glass dildo and got up and Belicia sat upright with her legs spread wide open, rubbing herself up and down as I feed the glass cock to suck. We both licked and sucked the dildo up and down obtaining it all nasty and wet then Belicia laid back and then that I slid the glass cock. I slid the dildo in and out rubbing on her pearly clit teasing her as you wouldn’t think and fucking her tight pussy with long deep strokes. I pulled the dildo out of her cunt and handed birth to suck on , giving a taste of her sweet juice. The dildo slid back inside her hole picking and out hard and strong and deeper with every stoke. Belicia got with one leg up just like a puppy and that I slid the lengthy glass cock right back inside of her. Belicia started fingering her ass hole and reached back and then I started massaging the whole time fucking her cunt with my long and tough glass cock, against her clit. I went and stood behind the couch and her ass was flipped by Belicia upside down, I slid the dildo back inside her hole and she slowly rubbed her clit that was joyful. We both stuck our fingers in her pussy and spread her pit open nasty broad and then I went back to fucking her and she went back to rubbing her clit and then I pulled the dildo from her moist snatch and stuck it right in her mouth. I came back around and sat on the sofa and started rubbing puss and her thighs after which Belicia joined me and I started kissing each other as nasty as we understood how. Belicia leaned over onto her side and that I slid the dildo back indoors, until she had a orgasm, fucking her cunt hard and fast. I laid back and she licked my pussy up and then she laid on top of me, licking my nipples and tits and kissing me.

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