Anal Intuition –


When intuitive reader Sammie Six attempts to put one on Derrick Pierce, the reading doesn’t go as planed. Derrick exposes Sammies con and carries her down a notch with hard punishment, anal sex, caning, bondage, and flogging. Thats blonde cutie Sammie Six must have taught a lesson and Derrick is just the guy to take action. Tied up and naked Sammie is scared of what Derrick will do . He starts with the flogger and whips her huge tits, her thighs, and her back, her ass till little red marks start to appear. Sammie is a hassle slut and will take it without complaint. He pinches her nipples, chokes her and she wants more hitting spanking, slapping, flogging and all it does is make her pussy wet therefore Derrick palms her cunt and rubs her clit till she cums. Sammie is a intelligent ass and cums without consent Derrick gets things under his control and stuffs his prick down her throat. Sammie sucks dick and he slaps her tits hard informs. He crops Sammies tits and thighs till they are red and almost bruising and she just takes it. Then on her knees with ballgag in her mouth Sammie gets the Wartenberg wheel onto her delicate body along with a bulbous cane on her buttocks and toes but she never cries mercy. Sweating and breathless her pussy is currently ready for more fucking so a few hardcore fucking ensues. After she cleans her pussy juice off his penis Derrick vibes her clit with the Hitachi until she begs to cum. Derrick goes for some ass fucking and it drives Sammie crazy but she moves even more will in another position when she’s tied up with her back spread eagle. With nipple clamps buttocks, zapper zapping and Hitachi vibing Derrick fucks her slutty cunt until she’s moaning with joy and cums however she didnt ask for consent consequently Derrick hurts her real great like she enjoys it and pulls her nipples and fucks her ass hot till Derrick pops his load around Sammies face.

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