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Young long haired Nicole Peters is sitting at the bar in my house. She´s talking on the telephone with a friend telling him about her horrible adventured of snatched and held for ransom. She talks about the country man who rescued her after many hours of her painful suspension. The man also was going to untie me, her mother, but Nicole stopped him because she was furious at me for beng stingy and not paying her ransom. She decides she will have me sign a contract transferring all my real estate and bank accounts to Nicole. Nicole´s friend dons a mask and they come to the building where I have been kept brutally chair bound, gagged and blindfolded. They wake me and I am in tremendous pain from the cruel elbow crushing bondage. I get excited when I see my daughter Nicole, but soon realize she is not here to rescue me. She shoves the paperwork in my face and tells me I must sign away everything in order to be released. I refuse, but the man starts to torment me with a shocking machine and her places a rope around my neck threatening to suffocate me. Eventually I give up and agree and the man unties my arms. I wait until my numb hands can function and I sign the documents giving all my assets to Nicole. I wait for them to untie the rest of me and set me free, but Nicole laughs cruelly and says I must stay there until the title to the real estate and bank accounts is officially in her name. She tells the masked man to tie me again even more cruelly and painfully and I scream in agony and horror. I beg for mercy, but Nicole is cold and distant. He adds alot more rope securing so tightly in the chair that I can barely breath. They shove a huge ballgag into my mouth and wrap many layers of duct tape around my head. They depart leaving me sobbing in agony.

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