Amy Brooke is brutally.. –


Amy Brooke is back and this time it nearly cost her sanity. Bound helpless in a”fuck me” place she can’t imagine the brutal hell we are going to unleash her pussy and also ass.To create this very easy and concise we will just describe it as it is. We orgasmed her and also took Amy Brooke. We fucked her tight pussy and ass and made her squirt multiple times. Not any orgasms mind you, but those brutal orgasms your soul breaks. The climaxes that tear in your being. We make her squirt out of her pussy. Think about that for a minute.But that is not all. Between those squirting orgasms we vibrate her to the”other” type of orgasm. The clit orgasm. The kind that is crying. The type that hurts so great, and as your jump. You’re powerless to prevent them. Then we return to the finger-banging squirting ones, then back into the clit, then….HER MIND IS NOT HER OWN.

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