Pretty Raquel Roper comes to the area dressed in skin tight leather shorts and a tight crop top. She&severe;s carrying leather stiletto boots, leather straps, leather head harness plus a German leather arm binder. She begins by telling you how much leather works her . The feel of the leather restraints gets her pussy soaking wet and it’s so lonely being a kinky girl and having nobody to play . Raquel slowly zips a tee shirt leather boot her calf and she will do the same with another boot. Raquel unclips her leather straps and also tightly cranks one round her knees squirming and loving the sensation of the tight strap. Raquel adds another strap into her upper thighs and moans in pleasure. She adds the following strap to her thighs also then tightens it. Next additional is a strap round her calves and another around her ankles so that her legs are closely bound. Raquel picks her up leather head harness and places in over her mind pushing the ballgag profoundly between her lips. She shows you her leather arm binder and seductively begs one to place it upon her lacing it up very tight. The next scene includes Raquel rolling around the floor completely confined inside her leather. Raquel moans and writhes in joy. Her wrists are fused completely with her back with her wrists smashed closely against each other. The arm pinning her wrists to her spine, it’s quite obvious that she enjoys the way the tight leather snacks deep in her flesh. She rolls on the ground analyzing the limits of her bonds. The brown eyed beauty rolls around the floor trying to get herself off as she struggles helplessly inside her leather restraints.

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