Tiffany Naylor strips and.. –


I found out all about my husband´s affair with pretty young redhead Constance so I devise a plan to take her down. I pretend to hire her to create a web design for me and tell her I was referred by my husband. Constance is too sure of herself to even be a little bit suspicious and she delves right into the web page she created. I ask her several questions and then XXXX a wet rag over her face. Constance´s eyes cross and she is now totally putty in my hands. I push her body down onto the floor and pull out my bag full of rope. I hike her tight skirt up over her ass showing her pretty panties under her nude pantyhose. I rope upp her elbows painfully and confront her about all the money my husband spent on her. Constance still denies everything so I grab her young pussy and tell her she´s not his first and she won´t be his last. I put a tight crotch rope of her whore pussy splitting it in two and then bind her wrists together. The poor slut begins to cry and make feeble excuses about doing business with my husband. I know you are fucking him missy so just shut that big slut mouth of yours. I tie her ankles and then grope her body. I go to get my phone to call my husband and catch Constance wiggling and manuevring her bound body to the front door. The helpless young thing reaches her legs up to the door knob trying to get the door open. Oh sweetie you can´t escape me. I straddle her tied body and rub my pussy then I roll the bimbo over and tie her knees. I shove a rag into her big mouth and wrap her head with layers of duct tape effectively gagging his mistress. I squat down over her face and then I finish her off hogtied. I leave Constance rolling around struggling on the floor bound and gagged with her satin blouse unbuttoned and her tight little skirt hiked up around her waist.

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