The Lover –


We’ve got a bit of New England at the home nowadays. If youre thinking Clam Chowder youre on the wrong site. We got something when used as directed and better than Chowder hes. . We digress. Brenn Wyson is 37yo and when you hear the accent with this sculpted hottie youll have the ability to pin point precisely where in New England hes from. He lives in Florida along with the tan accents the ink he has on his bod that is smooth. Hes a man of few words but his encounter will tell you. Hes always been sensual as a kid. The very first time I masturbatedI knew I had been in love! He yells. At 12 he understood he loved it but he felt dirty. Hmmm.AS IF! He awakened about both while but didnt have his first encounter that was man until he was 20. He enjoys sex and is an equal opportunity kind of guy. Hes outgoing and isnt afraid to go after whomever strikes his fancy. There isnt anything he hasnt fantasized about he hasnt already experienced and its not hard to see why. This sleek, muscular cutie is compact and has the expression of a well-toned knuckle brawler; than he is a fighter, nevertheless our stud promises hes a larger lover. . . .We like.In a sexy wife beater, Brenn warns us hes gonna get naked and beat off. (I guess inquiring minds need to know) He starts to grope at his crotch as he undresses and pulls his tank off. Touchin it,. . .rubbin it he says as he rubs his cotton clad boner. We have ourselves a regular one. Nice! He would like to cum out and play and not in that order and starts and reaches in to his briefs jackin his penis which is over its environment. He pulls his briefs down because he revels in the jacking session hes offering his thick beef. He also loses his briefs and lies back on the riding bench to continue functioning his boner. He plays his precum that is pooling at the conclusion of his torso. He looks down intently in his throbbing baby maker as he groans and cries. Then he lifts his legs in the air showing us out first glance of his buttocks and hole. Hes hairless and that which nature did provide him hes. No need to stop to play Locate the Pubie with this stud. No sir. He stands up and keeps working his cock. Suck my fuckin dick as he strokes his beef, he mutters under his breath. He likes to get everything he wants and isnt afraid to tell you what you will need to do to get it.Put that big fuckn dick in yo mouth! He orders because his verbal parade proceeds made hotter. He goes on telling you to suck his dick as he air humps and how awful he wants your buttocks. The view from below is just nothing short of spectacular and he knows it. Hes feeling dirty so we suggest a shower. He lathers that smooth figure of his and is glistening wet. When blowing kisses jerking his meat that is sud-covered he soaps up his bod. Yeshes still giving you situations that all involve youor any variety of the partsliterally ON his dick. Were okay with this. He pulls out of the shower and has and operates his tight bung hole for us as he strokes his cock & masters his ass. Brenn is believing that familiar tickle brewing in his balls (pronounced Bwallz in Brenn) lol He slides back on the seat again and strokes his penis . His belly and chest begin to tighten you know it wont be long at all gonna fuckn cum. . .Im gonna fuckn cum . . .Im gonnaUugh. His dick awakens sending jets of thick chowder thumping all over his smooth chest and abs. Its intense watching his 5th (from 9 thick shots) be the one to soar beyond his shoulder. Not sure if hes fighter or a lover; however following a load such as that were convinced of one thing. . .Soups on.

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