Sosha Scares Alisha –


Alisha is terrified when Sosha appears out of nowhere and causes panic.

Alisha, who is in the middle of cleaning out her kitchen, is determined to pee. However, the kitchen looks almost finished. Just a couple of more surfaces need to be cleaned up and then she’ll be finished. She is close to being done, so she waits a few minutes to use the restroom to finish the job.

Sosha notices Alisha’s desperate state and decides she will take advantage. Alisha is feigned to be asleep as she sneaks in the kitchen. AlishaaEUR ™, whose back is turned by her, jumps up, and she screams in front AlishaaEUR ™. Alisha becomes terrified for a second. Alisha quickly regains control of her emotions, but it’s too late. Alisha lost control of her bladder, and had to pee.

AlishaaEURTM(tm), as warm urine runs down her legs, soaks her pants and then lands on the floor. Sosha giggles as Alisha attempts to hide her embarrassedness. Alisha cannot hide her shame, as her pants are completely soaked.

This video is a demonstration.

Alisha is desperate to pee while cleaning out the kitchen.
Alisha is scared by Sosha because he sneaks up on her.
Alisha poops her pants out of fear.

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