Solo Bedroom Romp – She.. –


Jack had an extremely straight forward mission, or so it appeared. Get in, get out, go home undetected. That is, until the alert is tripped by him, sending Natassia Dreams to explore. No problem – a hot woman, easy take down still. Not so fast, Natassia corners Jack into a cage, defeats on him and knocks him unconscious with one blow. He wakes up bound in steel restraints that are heavy with no way out. His cock exposed till he is painfully erect and Natassia sucking him. This is not what he came for and not what he desires. Nevertheless, the metal keeps him firmly in Natassia’s mouth and grasp. Then the fun begins. Natassia shoves her hard cock. Nothing is as it ought to be. His penis uttered him, staying tough and exploding while she fucks his ass. Natassia hangs Jack upside down, which makes him swallow her penis . Yes, nothing is as it seems.

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