Sgt Major vs Casey Calvert –


Casey Calvert awakens to well known bondage rigger Sgt Major around HogTied. This hot brunette super is tormented by the Sarge. This bitch bound together with her arms and is stripped off all her clothes spread standing along with a wonderful neck rope. Sgt squeezes cum and rewards her with an crotch rope predicament that pulls on her cunt far. She is bound to the y frame down face. Sgt gives toes and her ass a caning that is great and provides an anal hook. Her cunt is stuffed tight with a dick on a pole. Casey pleasured with the vibrator on her clit that was delicate, but clearly and is jump down face its pleasure before the annoyance. Sgt Major changes her bondage right into an extreme ankle/elbow/chest hogtie and she can do is endure. Eventually she is bound in a simple but effective clear tie. The Sarge exposing her ass and hoists up her bondage, pushes her corporal. He goes after clit and her cunt till she can not take it.

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