Sarah Vandella –


Mr. Vandella hasn’t been”cutting the mustard” because of late and professional help was to help. I dragged my good-for-nothing husband so that Dr. Jack Napier could provide his support since my hubby was missing in the bedroom. I made sure to put on my skankiest outfit to show off my cleavage as I ripped. Dr. Napier’s radical remedy of getting me turned into his fuck servant was the only cure. Mr.Vandella sat like a dummy while I gagged and spat about the black behemoth which was in between the good physician’s legs. My eyes lit up with every inch of cock that I successfully stuffed down my anus. I thought our session would stop there,however, my aching loins needed another opinion. My husband was getting excellent pointers while Dr. Napier’s throbbing cock went balls deep to a generally failed white pussy. Once I got fucked by a black prick who truly knew how to treat a woman that was white throughout the office of the doctor shook. As I reminded him that his shortcomings left him less than the man the whole fiasco wasn’t without a verbal attack on the eardrums of my hubby. My new cuckold took notice as my airtight pussy’s tight seal had been broken up by a huge,black penis and Mr.Vandella’s eyes locked in with this interracial sexual rendezvous. My body couldn’t quit shaking from the orgasms Jack’s black penis was inflicting and my tiny toes were covered with his ghetto slop. I couldn’t place my designer sneakers back on these cum-drenched feet! I had my ten little piggies are cleaned up by the loser. . . .read longer

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