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Kaydin is just finishing his workout in the gym and has now moved on to the locker room. Kaydin is not aware of Mike’s presence, but Mike notices him and takes a look at Kaydin as he finishes his shower. They begin to chat and start to notice their muscular abs. Mike suggested that they hook up, but Kaydin isn’t sure Kaydin can handle his large uncut body. Mike views it as an opportunity and gets down on his knees in order to serve that beautiful, smooth, monster cock. Mike rubs KaydinA’s beautiful cock on his skin and strokes it. Mike has had a long, slow bj and is now ready to push that meat into his tiny opening. The 9 inches of meat fit perfectly. Kaydin gets all pumped up pumping MikeA and fissing with his little sex. Mike enjoys the ride and all that it brings. Mike can take only so much from a cock like this and is open to a full load of sand and Kaydin will oblige.

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