Humbled and humiliated –


Mona and mistresses Lexi totally denigrate and dehumanize their servant bitch just. Locked in a chunk he’s helpless because they drop the hot ash on his helpless balls, causing him to painfully jerk again and again. The Mistresses then utilize his mouth as an ashtray, which makes him clean down the ashes with their spit.After noticing a number of those spit got on their boots, the Mistresses make the servant lick that up as well. The Mistresses love seeing mud on his face, so they opt to work with him as an individual boot wipe well. Since they sit on their throne, the pathetic slave tries to clean their boots, but merely succeeds in muddying his face further. They leave the slave lying on the ground, humiliated and filthy Following making him gargle the combination of mud and ashes.

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