Hairy woman Emily Marshall.. –


When the repairman Steve Villa arrived to repair my pc I didn´t need to cover the bill. I saw he was an older man and guessed I can easily manipulate him not to charge me. I come out wearing sporting a blouse and high heels with nothing underneath except my sexy bra and panties. Though the repairman was hoping to fix my notebook that I lean over him rub my breasts . I fan myself saying itacute;s getting warm in here and I let the robe fall off. The fix guy completes the task but he is ignoring my signs whom I need to seduce him. I drop my pen on the ground and grab his penis in route up – perhaps an afternoon delight instead of paying the invoice. He then dropped his temper and informed her that he hated women like me always teasing the hell out of guys who were just trying to do their own job and then you reject any improvements they make towards you. He also comes up behind me having a handful of rope and immediately binds my wrists together XXXX me down on the stool. I continue to run my own mouth but he’s determined to leave me helpless roping up my thick legs together painfully tight. His excitement and determination is infuriating and I maneuver myself up off the feces. He comes up behind me and pulls a pair of panties on my head then destroys the big white underwear in my mouth hammering it in tightly with transparent tape. He pushes my bound body across the counter then sets me on the floor adding a growing number of rope over and beneath my tits and around my stomach to some crotch rope taunting me today. How&severe;s that sense against your pussy? He finishes off me in a tight hogtie and leaves me knowing that each movement and battle of my leaping body will excite my pussy at a tormenting tease free of relief.

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