Donny & Ethan –


Who’d be a better”evaluation” subject to get a pupil of physiology compared to Ethan? His body is a perfect case of the human kind and that I needed Donny to reveal what hes! “Lets do some extending… naked stretching!” I said. “Lets do it!” Ethan jumped in.As they undressed each other that I simply couldnt help but stare at Ethans big uncut cock dangling between his legs. I wonder as he pushed extending his thighs and legs, all with that dick flopping around Donny felt! This was going to be Donnys time fucking a man and he had been kind enough to prepare Ethan to it. “How long are you supposed a stretch?” I asked. “Approximately twenty five minutes,” Donny responded. “This is in fact a fantastic idea,” Ethan explained. “You feel that should do so before intercourse?” I asked. “It is logical,” that they laughed.It was good that they did a warm-up session! It prepared Ethan to your Donny gave him from behind. I hope Donny incorporates a number of these techniques in future. They both sure seemed to like it…

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