Demoted Boot Licker –


Slave’s mouth should be open to whatever Mistress desires. Mistress Kendra James has made this slave a dirty boot-licking Ashtray. Her slave is brought to her feet when she shocks his legs with the remote shocker that’s attached to his meat. This device is locked onto the slave’s head and he has no other choice than to obey her. Kendra, Mistress Kendra has a smoke and commands her slave to clean her patent leather boots. As her slave’s tongue licks the dirt from her boots’ bottoms, she watches and supervises. His tongue turns black with filthy soot and grime. To see him clean it again, she cruelly places her cigarette on her boots. Her slave is nothing to her, she treats him as an animal and humiliates him. Kendra, Mistress Kendra opens his mouth so that she can use the ashtray and spittoon. After she finishes smoking, she takes the cigarette out of her mouth and puts it on his tongue. .

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