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My partner in crime and now I locate a perfect home to rob. We’ve got the homeowner Pepper Sterling tied up to a chair as well as the products within our hot hands prepared to roll up and get out of dodge. That is my very first job with the infamous crime lord Jim Hunter and I’m very happy to have impressed him by my abilities as a cat burglar. I yank her pretty long brunette hair straight back and warn her not to inform one only concerning the cat thief and the robbery. Pepper is sobbing through her gag and nodding in agreement. Suddenly my partner calmly instructs me to do away with her. What exactly would mean you mean get rid of her?? He says when I need to be in his crew I will take action waits in the vehicle. I&severe;m shaking and confused… I can&severe;t do it. I could ´t complete the job that way, therefore I decide to make a break for this using the leggy victim. I untie her wrists and that she removes her gag. Hurry!!! We just have a minute to escape before he becomes questionable and yields indoors! We operate to the rear door but the door hhandle is jammed and we could ´t open it!!! Oh noooooooo!!! I hear him open the front door and it’s only a minute until he overtakes both people. He’s us choke stays at knife point and then we can hardly breath while he frees us to the couch. He shoves our bodies down on the ground and XXXX me to gag myself and then use lots of layers of tape over the mouth peeled XXXX my mouth exposed underneath the layers of tape. I am petrified and do as he says. He hands me a rag into gag poor fearful Pepper and she pushes it into her mouth and bends the silver duct tape all around her head cleave gagging her face. He also holds the knife close to my face and XXXX me to tie Pepper&intense;s elbows together behind her backagain. He makes me cross her ankles and tie them tightly together. Pepper is far too frightened to even move inch. I comply with his demands and finish off cinching her wrists together closely. He throws me onto the sofa and makes me shout my own booted legs together and I recognize I am not getting from this dreadful turn of events. He crushes my elbows painfully together and ignores my gagged pleas for mercy. The bastard ropes up both of our throats before completing with a barbarous choking goat roped hog tie. He strikes and leaves us to our terrible fate knowing we won´t last long as we battle and roll around the ground with our throat ropes restricting and begging as our breath gets increasingly harder.

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