Chloe Couture –


Chloe Couture is the biggest slut. Ask her boyfriend. He loves to brag to all of his buddies about Chloe and her strategies. Just listen to him blabbing about all the naughty things and shooting his woman will do! Which is about the moment Chloe comes out to do a little sunbathing. She’ll go topless and not care what her boyfriend his or her buddies — think. Chloe’s boyfriend brags”she will do anything that I say! Just watch!!” Soon, Chloe’s on her knees at the yard, sucking bigcock. . .because her boyfriend told her to! Afterward, he’ll command before moving to her back door, Chloe to offer up her candy , pink cunt. That is right, Chloe’s boyfriend offers her ripe, tight asshole to his friends up! They will take it, before all three loads on Chloe’s face or down her throat, clearly. Some call this naughty. . .others call it true love. . . .read longer

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