Babe wearing jam rag in her.. –


Gabe and Jonah both have something in common they both had sex with Pete!For Jonah, it had been his first ever experience with a guy. Gabe had a little experience under his beltbut admitted it was the very first time he actually let go and only fucked!So, when they first met, they instantly needed something to discuss! And the thing they agreed on was that Petes buttocks was very enjoyable to fuck!From that there, it had been evident that Gabe was eager to overthrow Jonah. Yes, it had been Jonahs first time around the bottom!The funniest thing was when we asked Jonah,”Can you ever think youd actually have intercourse with a guy? “His reply:”Everyone always thought Id prove to be gay, so I guessed, probably, finally I would! “Gabe thought that was the funniest thing hed ever heard!

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